Electronic Leak Testing

If your flat roof is letting in water, it can be very difficult to accurately identify where the leak is coming from. Often, flat roofs develop tiny pinhole leaks or punctures, which are difficult to find but can cause significant damage if not identified and dealt with quickly. Traditionally, leaky flat roofs have required a ‘flood test’ to identify the source of leaks, but this can take several days and poses a risk of causing more damage. It also doesn’t accurately identify the source of a leak.

At Complete Roofing Solutions, our electronic leak testing service provides a non-invasive way to detect and pinpoint the location of even the smallest of leaks in your flat roof. This service can be used in combination with other roof testing techniques, such as thermal imaging, in order to present a comprehensive assessment of the condition of your roof.

Testing for leaks
Electronic leak testing uses the latest technology to quickly and effectively identify any leaks in your flat roof. It can identify even the smallest pinhole leaks and defects within the roof’s waterproof membrane accurately and to within millimetres of accuracy.

Because electronic leak testing is non-invasive and causes zero damage to your roof, it means you don’t need to worry about tearing up large areas of your roof to find a tiny pinhole, and disruption to your building is minimised while the testing is being carried out. Depending on the techniques used, electronic leak testing can be carried out in both wet and dry conditions, and it is compatible with 99 per cent of flat roofs.

How it works
The handheld electronic leak detector sends out a high voltage via a brush which the technician passes over the roof membrane. Attached to the battery is an earth lead, connected to your building’s main structure. On flat roofs without faults, the membrane acts as an insulator and restricts the flow of current.

But when there is a defect in the membrane, the current passes through. When the technician passes the brush over a fault and the current flows through, it sounds an alarm to inform the operator of the defect. The technician will then mark any faults with survey paint, meaning we can accurately return to them when it comes to carrying out the repair.

Targeted repairs
One of the main benefits of using electronic leak testing is that you can identify the source of a leak within millimetres of accuracy, and so effectively target your repairs. This can minimise the need to take up or replace large areas of your roof in the hope of fixing the smallest of leaks. Electronic leak testing means any leaks or defects in your flat roof can be repaired quickly, accurately and efficiently, at significantly lower cost than if you didn’t know the exact location of the leak.
Testing for peace of mind
We can also use electronic leak testing techniques to provide you with assurance that your existing flat roof is functioning correctly and remains fit for purpose. This can be particularly useful if you’re concerned that your roof may have issues, or if you’re a property buyer who wants to check on the condition of a flat roof in a house or commercial property you’re hoping to purchase.
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